Design Your Own Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie

The GSW Customs Half-Sleeve Hoodie is already pretty unique, with it’s classic hood and anything-but short sleeve combo. But when you can add in your own custom design, with contrasting main and secondary colours, stitching details, personal logos, names and numbers, then you’ve got something as unique as you are. Finish it off with a comfortable, athletic cotton/poly blend, and this might just become your favourite sweatshirt.

Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie Highlights by GSW Customs

Half-Sleeve Hoodie Highlights

1. Unique Style - comfortable, modern fit

2. Drawstring Closure - classic full-string hood

3. Double-pocket Pouch - sewn strong pocket pouch

4. Cotton/Poly Blend - comfortable, flexible material

5. No-cinch Waist - unrestrictive fit around the middle

Build My Custom Hoodie

Our Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie Has All Inclusive Pricing - No Set Up Fees, Stitch Counts, Absolutely Everything Included - Even Free Shipping

Our custom half-sleeve hoodie is made exclusively for you, by you.

Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie by GSW Customs

Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodies

Buy 6-9 Pieces - $65.00 CAD

Buy 10-19 Pieces - 6% Off

Buy 20-29 Pieces - 12% Off

Buy 30-49 Pieces - 18% Off

50 or More - Please Inquire

Build My Custom Hoodie

Why Choose a DIY Design?

From beer league to the big leagues, players want to feel connected to the team. A custom design for uniforms, apparel, accessories and equipment unifies the squad. You're in this together and you're in it to win it.

Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie

The classic, streamlined hoodie was born in a boxing gym, but now it’s home everywhere from the rink to the track to the lounge. Get your Custom Half-Sleeve Hoodie from GSW Customs and design a look as individual as you. Start with a high-quality cotton/poly blend, add classic features like a drawstring hood and a double-pocket front pouch, but then take it to the next level with completely bespoke colours, personalization options and custom logo uploads.

  • Pouch pocket and hood drawstring 
  • Full-sized logo