Design Your Own Custom Embroidered Hoodie

You’ve probably got a favourite hoodie, but that’ll change when you get a Custom Embroidered Hoodie featuring a design of your own making. Create your own colourway, choose custom stitching details, add a contrasting hood colour, name, numbers and logos. Your personal vision comes to life in a high-quality, comfortable hoodie that you’ll never want to take off.

Custom Embroidered Hoodie Highlights by GSW Customs

Embroidered Hoodie Highlights

1. Cotton/Poly Blend – comfortable, flexible material

2. Drawstring Closure – classic, full-string hood

3. Double Pocket Pouch – sewn-strong pocket pouch

4. Ribbed Cuffs – high-quality wrist closures

5. Universal Sizing – available from YXS to XXXL

Build My Custom Hoodie

All Inclusive PRICING - NO Set up fees, stitch counts, everything included (even shipping)

Who says you can't have a custom product for your squad at reasonable pricing?
Usually you'd spend $100's in set up fees - not with GSW!

Custom Embroidered Hoodie by GSW Customs

Custom Embroidered Hoodies

Buy 6-9 Pieces - $75.00 CAD

Buy 10-19 Pieces - 6% Off

Buy 20-29 Pieces - 12% Off

Buy 30-49 Pieces - 18% Off

50 or More - Please Inquire

Build My Custom Hoodie

Why Choose a DIY Design?

From beer league to the big leagues, players want to feel connected to the team. A custom design for uniforms, apparel, accessories and equipment unifies the squad. You're in this together and you're in it to win it.

Custom Embroidered Hoodie


The mainstay of every wardrobe, a cotton hoodie is the go-to for almost any situation. The Custom Embroidered Hoodie by GSW Customs offers the fit and materials you need in a long-lasting, comfortable sweater, but with a big difference. The design of this hoodie is bespoke, offering custom colours, stitching detail, contrasting hood designs, as well as personalized name, initials, or numbers. Be it a personal brand, or repping your team colours, this is a one-of-a-kind hoodie.